SOLD: Radio Shack RF UHF/Cable Modulator 15-1243

The UHF/Cable RF Modulator is an agile
mono modulator with digital type channel selection, multi-channel frequency, and RF output. It accepts left and right audio and video
signals from satellite receivers, VCRs, disc
players, and CCTV cameras. It has full channel memory for power outages and allows
switch-free distribution of audio and video in
UHF and cable TV channels.
Its other features include:
Digital Display — shows modes and channels selected.
Digital Type Channel Selection — lets you
select clear channels to transmit.
HRC and IRC — cable modes.
Digital PLL Tuning — limits channel drift.
Full Channel Memory for Power Outages
— retains the last channel after the power is
Wide Selection of Channels — lets you
choose from UHF channels 14 to 69, and
CATV/HRC/IRC channels 65 to 94 and 100
to 125.

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