Employee Spotlight

Joe Yeargain, Area Manger

Houston, Texas

Hobbies include: playing in the church band, flying small aircrafts, scuba diving, and fly-fishing.

  • How long have you been working in the Audio Visual industry? Approximately 35 years
  • What made you want to be in this industry? I have always had a great passion for electronics; my parents encouraged this from an early age.  In the mid-1970s as I was entering junior high I was asked to assist with sound reinforcement for most of the school plays and musicals.  In the 1980s I became a TV repair tech while still in high school, but had a stronger interest in high-fidelity audio systems.  After graduating high school, I focused my career path on Pro-Sound systems, CAD design, installation, tuning and training.  As video display and integration became more mainstream in the late 1980’s, I started adding those systems together with what we now refer to as AV Integration.  As they say, the rest is history.
  • What do you love the most about this industry? I am always excited to see the technology evolving.  I also love to work with clients and help them develop unique solutions to their AV needs.
  • How do you like the Houston area?  The Houston area is so diverse; I really enjoy the world-wide cultures that co-exist in the local communities, and visiting with people from all around the World.  Also- the dining selections are fantastic!
  • What do you think about the Houston AV market? The market is very competitive which motivates us to pursue high quality, fair pricing, excellent service, and provide exceptional value to our customers.
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself? In the summer of 95’ my dad and I were in San Diego and I had “the greatest” salad ever at this small café near the beach.  Since then, I have been in pursuit of a salad equal to that one.  I have enjoyed many but have yet to have one equal to the famous “San Diego Salad”.  

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of our Employee Spotlight.  If you are in or around the Houston area and would like for us to help you with a creative Audio Visual design for your facility please feel free to give Joe a call at (903) 509-2470 X 119 or send him an email at joe.yeargain@broadcastworks.com

Welcome to 2018! Broadcast Works is leaping into the new year with some big and exciting announcements!

As many of you know Broadcast Works has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.  Our Audio Visual and Radio divisions are booming and we are steadily adding new employees and office locations.  With this amazing growth we have experienced we decided it is finally time for us to move from the office we have called home for 24 years and build a new headquarters that better suits our rapidly growing needs.  In 2017 we broke ground on our new headquarters and officially opened our Dallas office.  In 2018 we will be opening an office in Houston and plan to move into our new headquarters in Bullard, Texas by summer time.  None of this would be possible without our amazing clients and employees but as always we give all the glory to God because He has blessed this small family business abundantly. 

Although we continue to grow and expand at an exponential rate we have and always will maintain that having happy clients is our top priority.  We are so excited to move to our new location which will encompass a 15,000 square foot office/warehouse so we can better meet our Audio Visual and Broadcasting clients’ needs. 

As always please give us a call for any Professional AV or Broadcasting needs you may have we would be happy work with you.


Church Audio Visual Is No Longer a Luxury It Is a Necessity

There are approximately 350,000 religious congregations in the United States.  The median church in the US has approximately 75 regular participants in the Sunday morning worship service, according to the National Congregations Study.  Audio Visual equipment is by far one of the most important technical components for any church no matter how small or large.  Often times we see churches’ AV systems leave much to be desired.  Although we do see some issues stemming from lack of training on the existing equipment, more often than not the biggest issue is the AV equipment in the church is not professional grade or it is very outdated. 

Let’s discuss why it is so important to have professional grade audio visual systems in your modern day church. 

  • Effective Communication- The purpose of any church service is to communicate a message to the church congregation.  If the message is not audible people may not be able to understand the majority of what is being said and important points may be missed which would create a disconnect between the congregation and the church.  Integrating the audiovisual elements and using high quality equipment that meets your church’s needs can make a huge difference and help services run smoother.
  • Better Worship Experience- High quality equipment and AV integration improves the experience of both the musicians AND the audience engaging with the music.  Bad audio can distract from, and ruin, your members praise and worship experience.
  • The ability to share graphics and videos on big screens throughout a service can keep members engaged during a church service.  Pastors often share notes on the screen to help connect the congregation with the sermon.  In larger churches, some may even project the pastor onto the screen to allow everyone an up-close view and better connection during the sermon.
  • Many churches have begun streaming services online for those who can’t physically go to church.  This solution helps a church reach out to a much larger audience and keep the members connected.  In order for online viewing to be effective, a church needs the right AV equipment so the video is clear and streaming is flawless. 

Many churches are hesitant to invest in a quality audio visual system because of budget restraints but it is important to understand that this is a particularly effective way to retain current members as well as grow the congregation.  If you are interested in upgrading your audio visual system please give us a call or click here to send us an email, we will be happy to evaluate your current system and offer recommendations as well as a quote for a system that can grow with the needs of your church and the congregation.

We just LOVE our clients. It was so fun integrating this project with Nelson and the entire CSRA crew. We would love to partner with you on your next corporate AV project- email me kathryn@broadcastworks.com or visit our website for more information.

Check out a few awesome products we had at the Texas Society of Architects Design Expo last week! 

Every now and then a project comes our way that gives us the opportunity to help make a huge impact on individuals in a special way.  Partnering with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to integrate the Broadcast and Pro AV portion of Seacrest Studios at Children's Hospital Dallas was certainly one of those projects for us. Broadcast Works has a true passion for technical excellence and being able to use our passion to help such a wonderful foundation and cause was really extraordinary.  

Our design department loves to get creative and push the envelope with each project we place in front of them, no matter the size.  Call us with your next Pro AV or Broadcast project and we promise you will become a customer for life.

Optoma not only makes great projectors, they love to see how small and powerful they can make them. Consider the Optoma PK301 Pocket Projector. It's a little bigger than its older brother, the PK102, but oh boy, what they've done with a few more inches and ounces.

When it's plugged into the wall you can get 50 lumens of projection power at a 2000:1 contrast ratio. On battery power the PK301 still puts out a respectable 20 lumens. Also, you should know that human brightness perception is logarithmic. That means to perceive a doubling in light output you'd have to increase brightness by a factor of ten. Or to put it another way, you'll perceive the PK301 as half as bright as a 500 lumen projector.  The imaging panel is a Digital Light Processor from Texas Instruments and the lighting is an LED panel that's rated to last 20,000 hours. If you used this projector eight hours every weekday, 50 weeks a year you would get about 10 years of life out of this tiny projector.

The PK301 can do WVGA (854 x 480) natively and it can handle signals of up to WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution.  It's always good to have a nice clean screen to project on but your PK301 can handle pretty much any surface in a pinch. And it can project an image from 5 to 120 inches across diagonally. Remember, though that the smaller the image you project the brighter it will be. It's best to stick to about half or less of the theoretical maximum size.

Not only does this projector display a great image but it is super handy because you could literally pop it in your shirt pocket and go. It's compatible with both the NTSC and PAL video standards and it weighs only a half a pound including the standard battery. It's a little lighter without the battery and a little bit heavier with the optional higher capacity battery.  This mighty mite can actually project high definition video. How do you get the HD into the tiny titan? With its Mini HDMI port of course. It's also got a VGA port for PC-based presentations and a USB port.

The PK301 really is a serious business tool. It's got 28 MB of internal memory and it can accept MicroSD cards up to 16 GB. The free Optoma Video Encoder software (PC compatible only) can take your PowerPoint files, BMPs, JPEGs, AVIs, MOVs, MP4s and 3GPs and turn them into a format your PK301 can project. Your PK301 is ideal for mobile business presentations.It's a good thing the Optoma PK301 Pico projector is so small and light. With all the fun you can have with it and its solid business credentials you might end up bringing it to the office every day and taking it home every night.

If you would like more information on Optoma projectors give Kathryn a call at (888) 509-2470 EXT 118

Offices are full of noises: people talking, printers printing, and fingers typing. All of these noises can be distracting for you, your coworkers, and your customers or clients.

Music can have a positive effect on people’s disposition and give you a chance to set the right mood.

Paging is a powerful tool to allow you to literally talk over the noise if you need to send an important announcement.

Sound masking is low level background noise that masks human speech, so people can focus and be more productive.

Together, these acoustical solutions help make your office a more pleasant and productive place for you and your coworkers to work, and a more inviting place for your clients or potential clients to visit.

Music playback systems, paging systems, and sound masking systems are often separated, which is expensive and inefficient.  These fragmented systems are expensive and inefficient because you are duplicating wiring, devices, and power expenditures.


Introducing the Qt Active Emitter: Your all-in-one paging, music, and sound masking solution

Volume and frequency range used to be limited in sound masking systems that combined with paging and music. Our powerful sound masking emitter, the Qt Active Emitter, is powerful and versatile. It plays music and pages up to 74 dB. The Qt Active Emitter can complement HVAC and other low frequency noise with a sound masking range down to 125 Hz all the way to 10,000 Hz for high frequency noise. You can listen to deep, rich sounds in the music with low-frequency music playback down to 115 Hz. The Qt Active Emitter is a complete audio experience that will not only help you work better, but feel better.

Cambridge Sound Management 

The industry's first and only proven, turnkey, 100% low-voltage lighting system.

LumaStream provides the lighting industry with game changing turnkey technology that maximizes the efficiency, control, safety and sustainability of LEDs, while reducing the complexity and costs of quality lighting.

Our Powered by LumaStream™ Intelligent LED Lighting System is comprised of three main components: the control, the Intelligent Power Center, and LED fixtures integrated and tested as a complete system.

The remote power center provides power conversion, current drivers and dimming capabilities from 200 feet away.  The removal of the power conversion electronics from the LED fixture reduces the heat within the fixture, maximizing the reliability and longevity of the LEDs over all LED bulb and fixture solutions in the industry. 

The LumaStream system allows installers to utilize Low-Voltage Class 2 wiring for power, control and dimming which significantly reduces complexity, labor and material cost.  Their remote power center works flawlessly with industry control brands, such as Crestron, Lutron, Interactive Technologies, and Control 4. If you would like to learn more about LumaStream click here

Broadcast Works proudly partners with LumaStream and would be happy to meet with you so we can discuss how this lighting solution will help reduce your energy bill significantly.

Call Kathryn at (903) 509-2470 EXT 118 with any questions or schedule a consult.

Article courtsey of LumaStream

First, we would like to welcome you to the Broadcast Works NEW website- isn't it awesome?!  We are very proud of it and hope you enjoy browsing and learning about our company.  

Broadcast Works is a family owned business and we pride ourselves in that along with many other things.  We are growing at an exponential rate and with growth comes change but one thing that has not changed and will not change is our drive to always keep our customers happy.  Customer satisfaction is our top and final objective in everything we do.  In order to target more of our customers we will be updating our social media outlets more often so please check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.  I will also be posting weekly entries to discuss jobs we are wrapping up, latest trends in Pro AV and Broadcasting, posting videos on our newest demo products, and new markets we are entering. 

A lot of people ask me what is one piece of Pro AV equipment I think every company should have.  The answer to that is easy, Barco ClickShare- this product is really neat and very cost effective.  Watch this to see how you can share content and ideas in every meeting with a simple click and skip the messy cables all together!

If you would like more information on Barco ClickShare or just want a quick quote email me at kathryn@broadcastworks.com