Sound Board

There are approximately 350,000 religious congregations in the United States. The median church in the US has approximately 75 regular participants in the Sunday morning worship service, according to the National Congregations Study. Audio Visual equipment is by far one of the most important technical components for any church no matter how small or large. Often times we see churches’ AV systems leave much to be desired. Although we do see some issues stemming from lack of training on the existing equipment, more often than not the biggest issue is the AV equipment in the church is not professional grade or it is very outdated.

Let’s discuss why it is so important to have professional grade audio visual systems in your modern day church.

Effective Communication- The purpose of any church service is to communicate a message to the church congregation. If the message is not audible people may not be able to understand the majority of what is being said and important points may be missed which would create a disconnect between the congregation and the church. Integrating the audiovisual elements and using high quality equipment that meets your church’s needs can make a huge difference and help services run smoother.

Better Worship Experience- High quality equipment and AV integration improves the experience of both the musicians AND the audience engaging with the music. Bad audio can distract from, and ruin, your members praise and worship experience.

The ability to share graphics and videos on big screens throughout a service can keep members engaged during a church service. Pastors often share notes on the screen to help connect the congregation with the sermon. In larger churches, some may even project the pastor onto the screen to allow everyone an up-close view and better connection during the sermon.

Many churches have begun streaming services online for those who can’t physically go to church. This solution helps a church reach out to a much larger audience and keep the members connected. In order for online viewing to be effective, a church needs the right AV equipment so the video is clear and streaming is flawless.

Many churches are hesitant to invest in a quality audio visual system because of budget restraints but it is important to understand that this is a particularly effective way to retain current members as well as grow the congregation. If you are interested in upgrading your audio visual system please give us a call or click here to send us an email, we will be happy to evaluate your current system and offer recommendations as well as a quote for a system that can grow with the needs of your church and the congregation.