Broadcast Works was founded in 1994 to help meet the needs of commercial radio & television broadcasters. Government deregulation had left many engineering departments short staffed due to consolidation. A demand grew for highly skilled broadcast engineers to fill in the gaps. The goal and purpose of Broadcast Works was to compliment or supplement broadcast engineering needs as the industry and technology evolved. This included every aspect of the broadcaster’s plant including studios, transmitter sites and infrastructure. This model has not changed.

Broadcast Works branched into the Commercial Audio Visual market in 2009.  Many of the same skill sets required by broadcasting proved to be extremely valuable in this arena.  This expertise has made Broadcast Works unique in the AV world.  Broadcast Works has emerged as a respected company in this industry designing and building everything from prestigious performance arts centers to communications centers for education, religious, government and private businesses.

Mission Statement

Purpose: To provide our clients with the highest quality technical services to meet their unique needs.

Values: While we are a technical group – we understand that we exist to serve people first. We do this through honesty, hard / smart work and professionalism.