The special technical needs for Radio and Television Stations cannot be overstated. 24/7/365 Emergency Support, High Power and Microwave RF, Studio Automation, Remote Control Systems are all vital for broadcasters in order to be on the air and competitive.  Experienced Broadcast Engineers who understand and can provide the expertise for these kinds of services have become a rare breed.

Broadcast Works has a unique combination of seasoned RF/Audio engineers and IT savvy technicians.  We can help you design your station from the ground up, provide extra man power for special projects or support what you have and help keep you on the air.

Some of what we do:

  • Project Management
  • Studio Build Outs & Upgrades
  • Transmitter Site Build Outs & Upgrades 
  • Preventative Maintenance & Support
  • HD Roll Outs
  • Automation Installation
  • Satellite Related Projects
  • Emergency Rental Equipment
  • Emergency Support 24/7/365

Broadcast Works provides specialized broadcast services across the nation. If you are located in the Houston, TX area, click here to learn more.